How to check winnings


How to check winnings

To check your winnings, you will need to log into your account.


After logging in, you will be re-directed to the dashboard page of your members area.


On your dashboard page there will be a big green button that says “Check my winnings”. Click that button.


The system will check all of your unclaimed winnings for the past 30 days.


If you click “View prize breakdown” you will be given two options of how to take your winnings. You can take them as cash or you can take them as bonus credit.


Cash - If you take your winnings as cash, your winning will be added to your cash balance which you can then cash out any time as long as you have a minimum of £3.00 balance (the only reason for the minimum is because it costs us about £2 each time we cash out a member). Click Here  to see how to cash out.


Bonus Credit - You will be given the option to take small wins as bonus credit. Bonus credit is a virtual currency that quadruples your winnings and can be used to purchase additional lines for both EuroMillions and Lottery Draws. Each line purchased with Bonus Credit costs £0.30. It never expires and will remain in your account as long as the account is active. Click Here   to see how to spend your Bonus Credit.


Simply select how you would like to take the winnings and click the "I choose" button.

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