Common Issues with vouchers


Common Issues with vouchers

When a voucher code is entered that the system does not recognise, it will display a message that says "voucher code expired or invalid".

Below is a list of common issues that could have caused the message to appear:

  • TYPO - By far the most common issue that customers experience whilst trying to redeem a voucher is human error. If you make a typo whilst entering the code, it will be rejected. The easiest solution to this problem is to simply use the copy and paste function when entering the code.
  • Wrong Code - It is important that you use the correct code. Many of the vouchers that our affiliates produce contain more than one code (eg security code, reference number, etc, etc,.) If you are unsure about which code to use, please contact the deal site from whom you purchased the voucher.
  • Voucher Expired - All voucher codes have an expiry date. The date will be specified on the voucher that you received from the deal site. if you are unsure about the date, please check your voucher. 
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