Bonus Credit


Bonus Credit

Bonus credit is a virtual currency that quadruples your winnings and can be used to purchase additional lines for both EuroMillions and Lottery Draws.

The only way to get bonus credit is to convert your winnings to credit when you check your tickets. If you take your winnings as Bonus Credit we will quadruple your winnings, so if you won £1.00 and you took it as Bonus Credit, you would get £4.00 of Bonus Credit.

Each line purchased with Bonus Credit costs £0.30. It never expires and will remain in your account as long as the account is active.

To spend your Bonus Credit:

  1. Log into your Lotto-Social account. Click here to see how to do this.
  2. From your Dashboard page, find the box that says “Spend your bonus credit”. If you are accessing the site from a computer it will be to the right of the green button that says “Check my winnings”, if you are accessing the site from a mobile device like a phone or tablet it will be below the green button.
  3. First, you will select the game that you want tickets for. You can select either EuroMillions or Lottery Lines.
  4. Second, you will select the draw day. For EuroMillions you can choose either Tuesday or Friday, for Lotto you can choose either Wednesday or Saturday.
  5. Third, you will select the number of lines that you would like. Each line costs £0.30 of Bonus Credit, and you can choose any up to twenty lines.
  6. You will then click “Redeem”. Finally, you will then be asked to confirm your purchase.  Your tickets will then be generated. Please note that this may take a few moments. 
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