Making the most of your Lotto Social account


Making the most of your Lotto Social account

To make the most of your Lotto Social account, there are a couple of things that you should check out:


  • Prize Draws and Giveaways - Here at Lotto Social, we give away lots of #MillionaireMomnents, to give you a taste of the millionaire lifestyle whilst your waiting to hit the big one. Be sure to log in frequently to see what our latest #MillionaireMomnent is and to register for the draw. 


  • Instant Win Games - You can redeem your rewards points to play any of our instant win games. They are loads of fun to play, and have awesome prizes that go all the way up to £7,000!


  • Goodies - Fancy a kindle? How about a dope pare of shades? You can redeem your rewards points for all that and more, just check out the 'Goodies' section in our store! Also be sure to join the conversation on Facebook to let us know what other cool stuff you'd like us to add. 


  • Exclusive Members Only Offers - Watch out for our emails, because being a member with us gives you exclusive access to special deals and offers not available to the general public. 


  • Bonus Credit - If you have small winnings, we will give you the option of taking your winnings as bonus credit which quadruples your winnings.
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