How do I add a new bank card to my account?


How do I add a new bank card to my account?


It's now easier than ever to add additional bank cards to your account. Simply follow the steps below:


Step 1: Login and click on ‘Account’ which you'll find on top of your screen or via 'Menu' if you're using your mobile. 



Step 2: On your profile page, click ‘Payments’. If you're using your mobile, scroll down and select the small card icon. 



Step 3:  Here you will see any cards that have been previously added to your account. To add another bank card, simply click 'Add a new card' and enter your card information.



You can click on the star beside the relevant card to make it your primary card. This will be the card used for your membership.


We recommend not using a credit card, as some credit card companies can charge a cash fee. The cash fee is not representative of Lotto Social and you will have to speak to your bank regarding the charge.


Additional Information:

  • You can not change or remove your card details once submitted, but you can contact us to remove a card by quoting the last four digits of the card you want to remove.
  • Lotto Social does not have the ability to amend or change any bank information.
  • Lotto Social does not store any of your bank details.