Why have I been charged a cash fee for using my credit card?


Why have I been charged a cash fee for using my credit card?


Using a credit card can sometimes be convenient, but our best advice would be to use a debit card to purchase via our website to avoid any cash fees.


So what’s the problem with using a credit card on Lotto Social?

  • Due to regulations set by some credit card companies, they can charge a cash fee for using a credit card on many gambling websites. This is a standard procedure across the main providers in the UK.
  • However, Lotto Social is not a gambling service. We manage syndicates and purchase lottery tickets for all our members. We have no gambling elements on our website but due to how some credit card companies identify our business, some customers could be charged a cash fee. This would be the same as purchasing tickets from the National Lottery or purchasing scratch cards using a credit card.
  • The majority of the large-well known companies will charge anything from 2.75% to 2.99%. Please check with your credit card company if you are unsure.

So what can I do if I have been charged a cash fee?


We firstly advise our members to replace their stored credit card with a debit card. You can easily make this change by following the steps for Adding Bank Cards.


Secondly, we are not able to refund or reimburse the fee as Lotto Social does not receive the fee. In these cases, you can contact your credit card company to check if they can do anything for you but as mentioned, using a debit card would be easier.