How do I redeem a voucher code?


How do I redeem a voucher code?


Redeeming a voucher code for Lotto Social has been made easy, simply click through to our Redeem your Groupon Code here.


We've made it easy to redeem vouchers, but this depends whether you're a new member or an existing member of Lotto Social.


Existing members:

  • Step 1) Click this link here - Redeem your Groupon Code here
  • Step 2) Log in with your mobile number and password
  • Step 3) Enter your Groupon code in the box provided
  • Step 4) Click 'Ok, let's start' and follow the last few steps


Below we have detailed images that will show you how to add your Groupon code into your account. It's important you follow the steps provided here or via your Groupon email.


Step 1:  Click the link provided here, or via your Groupon email which will take you to our redemption page.


Step 2:  Enter your registered mobile number and password to log into Lotto Social.





Step 3: As an existing member, once you have entered your mobile number and password, our system will recognise your details. It will then prompt you towards our next page, where you will be required to input the code.





Step 4: Once you have entered your code, which is case sensitive, you can click 'Ok, let's start'. Once you have done this, follow the final step on the redemption page and this will credit your account.



 New members:

  • Step 1) Click the link provided in your email, this will redirect you to our redemption page.
  • Step 2) Enter your mobile number, choose a password and click 'Start Now' to begin.
  • Step 3) You will then be asked to either connect with us via Facebook or enter your email address.
  • Step 4) Finally, input the voucher code and click 'Ok, let's start' - as shown below.