Duplicated Account


Duplicated Account


Have you recently closed your account and then realised a few days later, that you were charged for a syndicate, somehow?

Don't worry, this could be because you might have multiple accounts registered with us.


It's not uncommon for members to accidentally register multiple accounts, as sometimes we've seen some members signed up with the incorrect mobile number, but then create a second account with the correct mobile number. Subsequently owning two accounts, with both potentially housing active syndicates, incurring charges.


If you suspect that there could be a chance you've created multiple accounts, there are a few things you can do to resolve the matter.


Hint: During registration, this is why checking the details you've inputted is all correct. Signing up to Lotto Social is easy and that's how we've created it, but you should always double-check.


What information we will require, in order for us to locate these multiple accounts:

  • Last four digits of the long bank number - of the card that's incurred the charge
  • A screenshot or timestamps of the charges - this is very important as we will need to prove these charges.
  • Other email addresses or mobile numbers you might have associated with you.


NB: Please bear in mind, you are not guaranteed a refund and all our members are responsible for managing their accounts. It's imperative you inform us as soon as possible and the best resolution we can provide is we will prevent any further charges.


Once you have provided us with the details mentioned above, we will begin our investigation to locate your account. This can take up to 7 days to complete the investigation. If you do not provide the above information, this will delay the resolution to your query. 

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