What happens if my game crashes?


What happens if my game crashes?




Nobody likes a game crash! Especially while you're on a hot streak and enjoying the game. We want to ensure you are clued up with some tips to prevent the disappointment of game crashes.


A game crash can occur anytime, anywhere and it can happen to anybody. There are a few factors you can control and there's a few that Lotto Social can control, but sometimes the reason for the crash might be unknown.


Nonetheless, we are here to help you and we are always working incredibly hard to full proof all our games by endlessly testing them on a regular basis.


Hint: Internet connection is essential, without a good connection you may find that the game becomes slow and disruptive.


Possible reasons for a game crash:


  • Internet connection issues


We've all experienced the horrid feeling of losing internet connection at a crucial stage, whether it's playing a game or responding to a really important email. The strength of your connection is important when playing games on Lotto Social. 

What's the fix? Simply reconnect to the internet and reload the game via Our system will recognise that you'd lost connection and you should be reissued with the game back to your account.


  • Device compatibility


The device you are using is very important, as most of our members use a mobile device there is a higher chance that the device might not be compatible with our games. The minimum requirement for iOS is iPhone 6, and a Samsung J3 is the minimum requirement for Android devices. 

Members can also use a desktop device to play our games, however, Spin Me A Fortune is unavailable on Mozilla Firefox.

Landscape mode is required for all the games, so please ensure you are following the instructions on the screen.


  • Technical Issues


Possible technical issues that can occur range from slow gameplay, stuck on a level or lags and display issues. We are always working tirelessly with our game developers to ensure the experience is flawless and as smooth as possible. 

In the case where you've experienced these technical issues, do not worry, our system will automatically detect the issue and we will reissue the game back to your account.

NB: It's important that you remember if you are self-crashing the game by disconnecting or closing the browser, in an attempt to save yourself from losing - this will be identified during our investigation. We would always recommend all our members to try their best and avoid self-crashing the game as this will not be reissued by our system.


Reissuing my games, how does this work?

In the unfortunate case a game has crashed, just lookout for an SMS message on your phone. The message will inform you that the game has crashed and that we have reloaded the game back onto your account, as demonstrated in the image below.






What about my points, what happens now?


Click the link to find out more about What happens to my points, if the game has crashed?