What happens to my points, if the game has crashed?


What happens to my points, if the game has crashed?



In the unfortunate case where your game has crashed, we want to let you know what to expect regarding your points or any winnings you might have earned before the crash occurred.


If you are not sure about game crashes, we have a simple FAQ article to explain the possible reasons for a game crash, just click here What happens if my game crashes?


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What you need to know about points and credit if your game has crashed.


  • Firstly, do not worry about the game. If the game has crashed, this will be automatically reissued back to your account. If a game has crashed, you won't lose anything. The game will be reissued, in order for you to play again. 
  • Points and winnings are not refundable or compensated by Lotto Social if the game has crashed. We would be more than happy to investigate the issue, to establish whether there was a technical issue from our side. However, in most cases a refund for points is not available as the game would be reissued.
  • To successfully attain any winnings, the game must finish.


The key points highlighted above are essential - reward points are never lost! You must complete the game to attain any winnings. If the game has crashed, then our system will automatically reissue the game back to your account.


We will not investigate every case regarding points lost due to a game crash, as our system does all the leg work in the background and will only flag these instances on the rare occasion where our system is at fault. So, rest assured that we have our technical team and developers constantly monitoring the games and preventing issues occurring.