I signed up for £1 but I've been charged £5, why?


I signed up for £1 but I've been charged £5, why?



Have you just signed up with us for 10 Lines for £1, then only to realise you're now paying a weekly subscription of £5?


Do not panic! We have some useful information below to help explain how our £1 promotional offer works in more detail. 


So, you were probably browsing the world wide web, exploring all its wonders and you've come across 10 EuroMillion Lines for £1. It is an irresistible offer and with the average price of a lottery ticket for one line at £2, you rush to make the purchase. 


Signing up to our 10 EuroMillion Lines promotion is exclusive to new members only and through our third-party partners. For £1 you can increase your chances of winning the jackpot significantly, but why do you end up paying £5 a week? 





Once you have registered, you will see the above page before entering your payment information. This is where we had detailed the £5 subscription. 


What happens when you sign up is simple, your first draw is worth £1 with 10 EuroMillion Lines for one draw. The following day, in the early morning the subscription goes back to its original price with additional lines.


So, you'll end up with 20 EuroMillion Lines for the original price of £5. This covers both Tuesday and Friday night draws, with 10 EuroMillion Lines on each day. This means that each week you have 20 chances to win the big jackpot!


Hint: There are other lottery syndicate providers who offer 2 lines for £4, but at Lotto Social, you'll be getting 20 EuroMillion lines for £5.


The greatest part of our service is the fact that you don't even have to lift a finger. The subscription means you will never miss out on any draws and all you have to do is check your winnings.


At Lotto Social, we offer a flexible membership service for all of our members who want to play in a lottery syndicate. We also want to ensure you have full control of your account, which is why you can easily login and pause or stop any active syndicates. 






How do I stop my syndicate? 

Click here to view our helpful FAQ article that explains how to stop your active syndicates.

Alternatively, click here to visit our Help Portal. Using our Help Portal is the quickest and easiest way to resolve any issue with your account. WARNING! This will stop all active syndicates on your account and this is non-reversible. If you want to stop individual syndicates, just login here and manage your tickets.


How do I pause my syndicate? 

You can easily pause an active syndicate for 30-days, as this is very helpful if you want to take a break or for financial purposes. Once the 30-days is over, the subscription will begin and you will rejoin your original syndicate.

Click here to learn more about pausing your syndicate.


Can I buy single or one-off tickets instead?

Yes, we also offer one-off purchases as an alternative to a weekly subscription. Click here to view how to purchase one-off tickets that end after the draw date.


If you would like to close your account, just click here for our FAQ article explaining how, or click here to visit our Help Portal, where you can also close your account once you login.

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