I signed up for £1 but I've been charged £5, why?


I signed up for £1 but I've been charged £5, why?


Congrats on signing up to our £1 promotion, we wish you all the best with your lottery lines!


The £1 promotion is exclusive to new members only! When signing up for the promotion you would have seen the screen below before entering your payment information.




The first draw is offered to members' as a special introductory promotion so you receive 10 EuroMillion lines for £1 instead of the original price of £5. This continues as a £5 weekly membership for which you receive 20 EuroMillion Lines to play each week. That's 10 EuroMillion lines for each Friday and Tuesday draw. 


We also bolster our membership with a pamper package of goodies, plus plenty of free games where members can win real cash prizes up to £7,000. So do look out for these by text and email, to get the most from your membership.


The membership is flexible so you can pause, cancel and reactivate at any time. 


We would always recommend logging into your account and managing your syndicates to avoid any unnecessary charges.