I want to find out about refunds and payments


I want to find out about refunds and payments

The purpose of our service is to give all our members full control of their account, this means you can join, pause or stop at any time that suits you


In the unfortunate case something goes wrong with your membership, we have some tips to help you with your bill.


We offer one-off syndicates and on-going syndicate, the on-going syndicates will be billed according to the period agreed (weekly, fortnightly or monthly).

We got some extra information about on-going syndicates, below;


  • Active syndicates that are on-going are technically similar to a subscription, which you will pay a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment. 
  • The payment is automatically deducted from your registered payment method, and you don't have to do anything but wait to check your winnings.
  • Only active syndicates on your account are charged, so please ensure to manage your active syndicates in order to manage your payments.
  • The more active syndicates you have on your account, the higher the weekly payment. However, you will be drawn in with more lines for your syndicate, increasing your chances of winning.
  • You can either pause your syndicate for 30 days or stop (leave) your syndicate.
  • Once you stop your on-going active syndicate, you will not be billed.


Stopping your syndicate is the easiest way to stop payments or any future payments.


Refunds are not available upon the initial request, we are required to investigate each and every case individually. We always recommend our members to log in and manage their tickets, to prevent any charges or payments you might not be aware of.


We work extremely hard to ensure our members have full control of their account and membership. 


Please remember to check your account as often as possible, to avoid missing out on winnings and any prizes. Keeping track of your tickets is highly recommended and we've made it incredibly easy for you to manage your account.


Please log in here to stop any active syndicate. Or you visit our Membership Self Service for more help on your account today.