How to Check Winnings on the App


How to Check Winnings on the App

To check winnings:

1) Go to the “My Syndicates” page by clicking the icon on bottom navigation bar.


2) On the bottom of the page you will see a button that says “CHECK WINNINGS”. Click that button.


The system will check all of your tickets and raffle numbers (where applicable) and tell you how much you have won.


If you have small wins (less than 60p per line), you will be given the option to take your winnings ether as cash - which you can withdraw via paypal or cheque - or as credit.


If you select credit, we will multiply your winnings by 3, which you can then use to purchase additional lines.


After you decide how you wish to take your winnings you will be directed to the prize breakdown page, where you will be able to see your ticket with the winning matches.


To view a ticket, simply click the date of the draw that you would like to view.

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