How do I stop or cancel my syndicates?


How do I stop or cancel my syndicates?


We've made it easy to stop your syndicates at any time. Just follow the steps below:


Step 1: Login and click on your ‘Tickets’ which you'll find on top of your screen or via 'Menu' if you're using your mobile. 




Step 2:  Once you have clicked to view your tickets, you will need to click 'Manage'. If the syndicate is active, you will see an option to 'Stop syndicate'




Step 3:  You will see a pop-up message (see below). You have an option to pause your syndicates or you can click 'No, I want to stop'. This will then prompt you to another page.




Step 4:  Click 'Stop syndicate' to confirm you want to stop the relevant syndicate and all further payments.



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