How do I check my winnings?


How do I check my winnings?


Winning is the best part of our service, so we've made it easy for you to check what you've won. Just log into the member's area and click the big green button.




Logging into the member's area will give you all the features available to members, such as buying tickets, playing games and checking your winnings.


  • Step 1) Click 'Login+' on the homepage and click 'Check my winnings'.
  • Step 2) Wait for the system to check if you have won! (fingers crossed).
  • Step 3) View your results and see how you've done.
  • Step 4) If you've won a cash prize, click 'View Prize Breakdown'.


Below we have detailed images that will show you how to check your winnings in the member's area.


Step 1:  Once you've logged into the member's area, just click the big green button that says 'Check my winnings'.





Step 2: Wait for a moment as the system automatically searches through your tickets, to check if you've won any cash or any points.





Step 3: Results! As you know, we cannot guarantee any winnings sadly, but if you're lucky enough there should be some Reward Points or a cash prize.







Step 4: Click 'View Prize Breakdown'.  In the wonderful instance that you win a cash prize, we will be given the option to take out the winnings. NB: winnings must be more than £3 to receive the payment in your bank. If the winnings are small our system will offer you Bonus Credit.





Helpful Pointers: 


mceclip0.png Cash Prize


If you decide to take your winnings as cash please remember there is a minimum requirement of £3.00 to take the money. The funds can be taken out using your PayPal account. Check the FAQ for PayPal for more information.



mceclip1.png Bonus Credit


Bonus credit is great for small winnings, as your cash amount is multiplied by 4 if you decide to take the bonus credit. The bonus credit we offer is our virtual currency and can be used to purchase additional line for both Euro Millions and Lottery draws. Each line purchased with the credit cost £0.30, so we've made it easy for you to buy more lines. The bonus credit will never expire and it will remain in your account balance as long as your account is active.


Click here to view how you can spend your bonus credit.