Jackpot Triggers


Jackpot Triggers


With Jackpot Triggers, you never have to miss out on the big jackpots again! Choose how big you'd like the jackpot to be and you'll be entered into the draw when the Jackpot has reached your desired value. You have the flexibility to switch this on or off at any point. You're in control! 




For example, you can set a jackpot trigger for the EuroMillions draw when it has reached the value of £45 Million. This means the jackpot will be activated when the value is £45 Million or more. You will then receive tickets for the draw and this will continue until you deactivate the trigger or the jackpot amount decreases below £45 Million.

It is also a great option if you want to downgrade from a weekly syndicate and only take part in larger draws.

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