Can I pause my syndicate?


Can I pause my syndicate?


You can pause your syndicate for 30 days, which will stop any subscriptions until the period has ended.


We've made our service incredibly easy, which means all our members can manage their syndicates at any time. You can pause your syndicate for 30 days, and it will then resume as normal after this period has ended.



Please follow the below instructions to learn how to leave a syndicate:

You will need to visit the ticket page and choose the syndicate you want to pause.


Step 1) Once you've selected your syndicate, click onto 'Manage'.

Then click onto 'Leave Syndicate'.




Step 2) You can either choose to pause a syndicate for 30 days or continue to leave the syndicate permanently. Continue to select 'Pause payments for 1 month'.





Step 3) If you are happy to continue after reading the message below, just click 'Pause syndicate'.





All done! Please take note of the date your syndicate will resume. Your regular on-going payments will commence again on the resume date, however, until the resume date you will not be able to cancel this syndicate. You would need to contact our support team to cancel the syndicate. 


  • You will not be charged for the period your syndicate is paused.
  • You will not be entered into any draws whilst your syndicate is paused.